Jordan (Manager)
Jordan joined the team in 2016. He is married and is the father of five boys. He loves sushi, fears karaoke, and tries to spend as much time as possible at the lake during the summer.


Becky Calia (Lead Dental Assistant)
Becky joined the practice in 2009. She was born and raised in Prescott and loves camping and reading.


Erin (Lead Care Coordinator)

Erin joined the team in 2017 and has a blended family that includes 6 kids and 2 grand-babies.  Erin stays busy watching her daughter show goats. Her boys play sports, participate in Scouts, and ride dirt bikes. She loves camping and the occasional date night. She is an AZ native who was born and raised in the Phoenix area. 


Ashley (Marketing Coordinator)

Ashley joined the practice in 2021. She was born and raised in Prescott, loves spending time with family, and is a big fan of the show Survivor. Her favorite song quote: “There’s a million ways that you can spread love, choose one.”

 Brenna (Dental Assistant)

Jess (Dental Assistant)

Jess lives in Chino Valley with her husband and has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 20 chickens. She likes true crime podcasts and reading mystery and thriller novels. She also enjoys hiking, the outdoors, and Disneyland!


Vicki (Dental Assistant)

Vicki has a wonderful husband and two daughters that always amaze her. She loves to run on all the incredible trails around the Prescott area, has many rescued pets that fill her home, has a collection of heart-shaped rocks from around the world, and finds joy in paddling under the full moon!

Chamonix (Dental Assistant)

Chamonix joined the team in 2019. She is married to an amazing man of God and is blessed with 7 beautiful children and 1 grandson. Chamonix loves spending time with family and listening to music and serving others, isn’t afraid to embarrass herself to make someone laugh!
Seily (Dental Assistant)

Seily was born and raised in Prescott and loves to travel. Her favorite outdoor activities are kayaking, paddle boarding, and snowboarding

Rachelle (Care Coordinator)

Rachelle is a Prescott native. She lived in the Virgin Islands for many years, is a proud mom of 3, loves spending time with family and doing anything outdoors, and enjoys reading a great suspenseful book.


Bertha (Dental Assistant)

Joined the practice in 2021. Bertha is bilingual, enjoys baking, is a huge Marvel fan, and owns a German Shepherd puppy.


Megan (Dental Assistant)

Megan joined the practice in 2022. She is married and was born and raised in Washington State. She enjoys spending time with family, camping, hiking/backpacking, cooking, and reading historical fiction.

Deisy (Dental Assistant)

Married, 1 daughter, 3 huskies, enjoys spending time with family, camping, and traveling, loves sushi & red wine, owns 35+ indoor plants, loves listening to true crime podcasts
Season (Insurance Coordinator)

Joined the practice in 2012, loves spending time with family and friends–especially outdoors, enjoys home improvement projects and refinishing furniture.

Beto Sanchez (Care Coordinator)

Beto Sanchez joined the team in 2023. He grew up in Chino Valley and was in the Marine Corps for 4 years stationed in Japan. Beto Sanchez loves spending time with friends and family; he’s always looking for the call to adventure!

CJ (Dental Assistant)

CJ joined the practice in 2023. She enjoys biking, exploring new places with her fiancé, listening to true crime documentaries, and cooking.